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I’m Nicole.

Thanks for visiting my website! My full name is Laurentia Nicole Sudjono, but you may call me Nicole.

I’m a content creator and a passionate writer. I write on Medium and create video essays on Youtube.

I’ve been writing more than 200 articles about creative marketing, mainly in the entertainment industry, and life in general since 2019. My writings are published mainly by Better Marketing, StartItUp, Publishious and Mind Cafe.

I create ideas, do thorough research & fact-check, write and proofread them in a way that will resonate with readers. Placing genuine thoughts and stories in order to prevent making it look like it’s forced. Quality over quantity is always my go-to, and story-telling is very important in my writings. I can also ghostwrite with different styles that fit the background of the topics or according to the subject.

As for Youtube, I make videos about life and work culture at the moment. Some contents I write may be difficult to imagine in writing, so I switched them to videos. I write the scripts and video edit them myself.

If you are looking to hire someone who can do creative writing, content writing, copywriting, Youtube script-writing, or video editing, I can help you with it.

Business Inquiries

Feel free to send me an email by filling in your full name, email address, and your message. Or you can DM me via LinkedIn. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I look forward to be working with you.

You can find my work portfolio here:

Let’s keep in touch!

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